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More Information About The Tour

What do we lean about on the tour and is it appropriate for kids?

We cover topics like prostitution law reform, homosexuality law reform, deportation and racism, nuclear warfare, homelessness and drug use, the Red Light district and we walk past signs of topless women. If you think the topics are appropriate we are welcoming of all.  

How far do we walk on the tour and what level of fitness do I need?

By Auckland standards this is an easy level of fitness walking tour. there are stops but not much time to sit down and rest. 

Useful Things To Know About Auckland

Where should I eat in Auckland, and will there be food available on the tour?

There are a heap of places to eat in Auckland, it is a city where if you are motivated to explore it will reward you we highly recommend doing a food tour to get some recommendations. The best place to eat before the tour is at the first stop then you will be ready when we arrive and start. Eating first will mean that you can enjoy the tour.

What should I do in Auckland at night? the tour finish?

Your guide will recommend bars and things to do in the city. But if you want to get an experience with stories and taken to some of those little out of the way an awesome spots check out: Auckland Historic Bar Tour  

What Other Walking Tours Are In Auckland?

What Is The Best Food Tour To Do In Auckland?

Have a look at Auckland By Food And By Foot! A tour that is appropriately named walk the city with a local get recommendations on where to eat and sample some of our favorite foods! FoodTour

What If I Want To Learn About New Zealand Beer, Wine, and History?

Make your night out in Auckland worth remembering with a guided tour experiencing the best sips, sights, and stories in the city.

Proudly showcasing craft beers from boutique local breweries and/or fantastic New Zealand wines, along with delicious non-alcoholic options this is an event with a difference. Auckland Historic Bar Tour 

Why Walking Tours?

When we went traveling we loved walking tours, they were the best way to get to know a place and there is so much you can learn from a local. So walking the city with a local is what we wanted to offer to guests to our city. 

How Much Things In Auckland Cost

How much do drinks in bars in Auckland cost?

Drinks in Auckland range in price, but an average drink in a bar will cost you about $14 depending on where you go. There are bars that are cheaper and some that are more expensive often you will pay more at a bar with a view or that is nicer. 

What if I can’t do the Auckland tour on Saturday?

If you can’t make it along to the Auckland Tour on a Saturday tour get in contact with us and we will do our best to give you some options about other days you could potentially do the tour.

How do I do a private Auckland tour?

If you are a group of 7 or more people and you would like to do a private Auckland tour we can organise that for you we can even be flexible about the time of day depending on what you are looking for and if there is a special occasion with enough warning we can even work on different content and stories for the tour. Just send a message and inquire and we can go from there.

Making Friends While Traveling In New Zealand

What to do if I’m traveling alone in New Zealand?

You can come along and make friends! New Zealand is an easy place to be a solo traveller as people speak English and the locals are friendly so meeting not only other travelers but also making friends with locals is easy if you are willing to say hi to people. Our tour guide is great, let us know you are a solo traveler and we will make sure you have fun and feel included.

What are some free things to do in Auckland?

Our guides graduate from doing Free Walking Tours to Doing specialty tours. Some of our guides still do the free walking tours in the city if you are a traveling on a budget in New Zealand and if you are very lucky you might catch one of them. If you are looking for cheap things to do in Auckland you could do their walks and then ask them for recommendations. 

What's Included?

  • Two and a half hour professionally hosted and guided tour.
  • Located at the top of Queen Street in Auckland
  • Stops and stories about New Zealand history
  • Recommendations of what to do on K Rd and Ponsonby Road

Things to Note

  • Please eat before you come.
  • Start Time: 2pm Finish Approx 4:30pm
  • All are welcome we are inclusive
  • Traveling between stops is on foot so being comfortable is important.
  •  You will find us in St Keven’s Arcade With a Blue Umbrella  
  • Private bookings are always available.

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